Born in 1959 in Utrecht, Netherlands

Education: School of the Arts in Utrecht,
1st grade teacher in drawing, painting and art history 1981 - 1987 Grammar school

Emptiness surrounded by Slate

Michiel Jansen is working for many years with slate stone. It is a immemorial material. This stone is layered by nature. As a sculptor, he rearranged the layers and builds new forms out of them. It’s starting with a sketch without thinking if the designed form can be worked out of slate. Form contrasts play a major role.

Spatialityand light effects are essential. The plates slate piece by piece separately processed.Breaking, cutting drilling and grinding. Then they are connected to each other with a sealant, and finally, always associated with a metal interior construction, and made into a whole. Two extremes in state of being are the starting point for his images.


On the one hand the primary need of power supply and safety. And on the other hand let go of the need for unnecessary ballast to a desire for self-realization, be who you are. This is visible through the compact static form or in the open and rhythmic composition.

His work has been exhibited in various galleries and Art- fairs. By appointment, you are welcome to bring a studio visit. Artists who admires Michiel Jansen are: Piet Mondriaan, Ellsworth Kelly and Anish Kapoor. See